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The King of food vietnam

“Thiên Đường Ẩm Thực” is the Vietnamese version of the show “The King Of Food” of KBS TV World.

“The King Of Food Vietnam”, hosted by The Happy King ( acted by famous comedian Truong Giang) together with his invited guests, shows various kinds of Vietnamese fresh ingredients that are used to cook for various kinds of food, back in the historical to modern times. 2 teams (three members per team) have to answer the quiz so they can get the chance to try the mouthwatering food. In each episode, these ingredients are introduced based on the theme including related to healthy benefits.

The show made your mouth watered and craved for these delicious food as each guest and The Happy King eating happily with the food. The winning team eats the food while the losing team looks on. The Happy King expresses how the food taste like with words that build up your anticipation to eat them. It makes you cringe your fists and squeal with joy. Each guest have certain basic knowledge about the food including how they express the Vietnamese food which they had eaten.

What is so interesting about the show is how the Vietnamese ingredients are presented. Each ingredient is presented from how it is produced to what are the healthy benefits for eating them to how these are cooked into delicious meals. Various foods from different regions, including Hanoi, Hue, Sai Gon, and others, are shown including close up of both ingredients and Vietnamese dishes. During the food quiz, you can answer the questions followed by knowing the reasons behind these answers.

“The King Of Food Vietnam” is both entertainment and educational show. Not only it makes you want to try those food while you in Vietnam but also building your knowledge about Vietnamese food. Also, you will learn a few things how to cook Vietnamese food.

“The King of Food Vietnam” season 1 is one of the most wanted shows in 2015 and there is no negative reaction from viewers through season 1. Therefore, “The King of Food – season 2” will bring more success.