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taste of vietnam with robert danhi

Following the trump of Martin Yan – Taste of Vietnam, DIEN QUAN Media&Entertainment extended the reality series with a second season named “Robert Danhi – Taste of Vietnam”. In this season, the talented cook and photographer Robert Danhi takes viewer on a journey to several new destinations. While Cheft Yan showed us several cities with significant historic value, Danhi takes us off the beaten path and into less-explored rural regions.

Each episode tells a story of ordinary life, simple, yet at the same time, extraordinary and unique. Cheft Danhi’s “as real as life” guiding style allows him to share his fascination and enthusiasm. You’ll see the hidden beauties of Vietnamese nature, culture, cuisine and people.

Brief profile of Robert Danhi:

Robert Danhi’s professional culinary career ignited more than 25 years ago when he started as a dishwasher and began the career that is a diverse as it is impressive.

The American Chef become well-known as he published, wrote and photographed the James Beard Finalist cook-book, Southest Asian Flavors Adventures in Cooking the Foods of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. The book was also the winner of the Best Asian Cook-book of the USA in 2009 by Gourmand and a 2nd Best Asian Cook-book in the World. Robert researched for 20 years, developed all the recipes, cooked, styled and photographed all of the pictures, designed and published the book himself. His most recent book Easy Thai Cooking – ̃25 Family-Style Dishes You Can Prepare at Home published in March 2012.

In 2013 and 2014, Robert was recruited to host Taste of Vietnam, a 26-episode TV series that showcases the undiscovered provinces of Vietnam from North to South, the ever best Travelogue&Cooking documentaries about Vietnam