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Smart Face

“Chon Mat Gui Vang” is Vietnamese name of “Smart Face”, a gameshow from Switzerland

The show places contestants and members of the public in a situation where contestants are asked questions which they are not allowed to answer themselves. Instead, to win a cash prize, contestants must ask a random member of the public to answer their questions on their behalf. If the person they choose answers correctly, the contestant wins money and moves on to the next question, but if the person is incorrect, the contestant is out of the game. There are 2 back-up options for contestant: One is he ( she ) must answer correctly by his ( her ) own in order to stay in the game if his ( her) supporter gave a wrong answer, the second is contestant stops playing in order to keep the whole money he ( she ) has won. One round-5 questions with the increased cash prize from 500.000 VND, 1.000.000 VND, 2.000.000 VND, 5.000.000 VND and the highest is 10.000.000 VND. All you do is spend 30 minutes to join the game, belive in your decision and walk away with big cash prize.