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King Of Food 2

“King Of Food” season 2 will bring more attractive, new dishes, the list of dishes in season 2 is richer with nearly 200 dishes, more than 30 Vietnamese cakes, and nearly 90 artists in different fields  paticipate in this program. “King Of Food” season 2 officially broadcast on 05/22/2016 at 20:00 every Sunday on HTV7 & THDT 2.

“The King Of Food Vietnam”, hosted by The Happy King ( acted by famous comedian Truong Giang) together with his invited guests, shows various kinds of Vietnamese fresh ingredients that are used to cook for various kinds of food, back in the historical to modern times. 2 teams (three members per team) have to answer the quiz so they can get the chance to try the mouthwatering food. In each episode, these ingredients are introduced based on the theme including related to healthy benefits.