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Crack Them Up Vietnam 4


Produce by DIEN QUAN Media & Entertainment

Genre: Gameshow

Running time: 45 minutes

Broadcast schedule: 20:30 every Wednesday, starting on 22.11.2017 on HTV7.

After 2 successful seasons, “Crack Them Up Vietnam” has been a hit with millions of viewers and surely “Crack Them Up season 3” will achieve the same kind of success.

“Crack Them Up” – an uplifting and hilarious show where regular people try to make two comedians laugh. In front of a cheering audience the contestants are given one minute to succeed and a smile is enough. The two comedians are very likeable and have a hard time resisting a good laugh. Can they keep a straight face? If the contestants succeed they can choose to stay on the set and keep on joking and earn more money for every minute the comedians are laughing. Crack Them has been a hit everwhere it has been on air.