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Crack Them Up Vietnam

“Crack them up Vietnam”, in Vietnamese is Thach Thuc Danh Hai, is produced by DIEN QUAN Media&Entertainment

In this heart warming and hilarious show regular people have to make two comedians laugh. If they succeed they can walk away with a cash prize.

In front of a cheering audience the contestants are given one minute to succeed. A smile is enough. The two comedians, Tran Thanh and Viet Huong are very likable and have a hard time resisting a good laugh. The host closely monitors the reactions of the comedians. Can they keep a straight face? If the contestants succeed they can choose to stay on the set and keep on joking and in this way earn a lot more money for every minute the comedians are laughing. Everybody wants to have a good time and the comedians plus the live studio audience encourage the contestants to be their best.

There is a lot of comedy out there. Crack Them Up Vietnam gives people an arena to entertain the country and to discover new comedy talent. And a good laugh makes life easier! Crack Them Up Vietnam has hit the viewers by storm, the season 1 was one of the highest rated shows in 2015. Crack Them Up Vietnam season 2 also achieved huge success